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In order to get started with MXSuite on the fastest an most reliable way we developed a parallel system that helps system administrators, staff and crew to get familiar with MXSuite. There are to implementation flows to be considered:

  1. "Go live" process,
  2. "Content" process.


When you want to start working with MXSuite, it is important that you know exactly what your requirements are. In order to get a clear picture of your needs, you can use the questions here below as a guideline.

  • Where do you want MXSuite to be available?
    • 1 or multiple Offices?
    • How many vessels?
    • Is there a warehouse?
  • Do you want to have
    • Live connection to the vessel (fast internet required, VSat, 5G)?
    • Actual information via continuous synchronization (internet required, i.e. VSat, 4G)?
    • Regular updates (intermitted internet access required, i.e. wifi, 4G, VSat)?
    • Manual updates (without internet, i.e. via e-mail, usb device)
  • Do you have server capacity available?
    • Check the minimum requirements. We recommend to have a dedicated server for MXSuite.
    • If not, consider the hosting  / SaaS option, but this requires a stable internet connection.
    • Further information about installation options can be found in this article.
  • We strongly recommend that a technical person (not IT) will be the system administrator. He, or she needs to become the company’s champion, to promote, train and improve the business via MXSuite.
  • If applicable, every crew, should have a dedicated person to become the frontrunner in their (sub)group. To answer simple questions and explain the company’s policy to his/her crewmates.
  • How are you going to fill the database?
    • Maintenance
      • We offer to build you a maintenance database from the original manuals
      • We can migrate your database from another format to our database
      • We can offer a general structure
      • More information about setting up your database can be found in this article.
    • Parts
      • We can build the spare part’s database from the manuals
      • You / we can upload spare parts via a special excel load sheet
      • We can link (software integration) your database to another database
    • Certificates
      • We or you can fill your database with the actual certificates
  • Do you need to link MXSuite to another software package?
    • 1 directional
    • 2 directional
  • Do you need to visualize more information from more sources?
    • For this purpose we have a special dashboard.

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IMO related functionality

  • Critical equipment in Assets Parts
  • Use of attached and linked documents
  • Related groups in Assets Tasks
  • Link ranks to tasks
  • Specify time duration per task

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