Meet our colleagues in Romania!

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Did you know we have an office in Romania? What was ordinary before can now almost be called extraordinary. In early 2020, COVID-19 broke out in Europe, making regular visits to our office in Romania impossible. Now, 9 months after my last visit, I could finally meet my colleagues again. And that turned out to be a festive occasion!

The office of Mastex Software Srl is located in the heart of Bucharest. There where the Dâmbovița river disappears under Piata Unirii, close to where Bucharest is at its most beautiful, is where you’ll find Mastex Software Srl. 

On Monday, March 21, together with Theo Vlot, I boarded a blue KLM cigar and flew to Bucharest. We started on Tuesday with some job interviews to expand our support team with a senior and junior support engineer. How wonderful to feel the motivation that the candidates exude to help customers properly and skillfully! Still, those interviews are difficult too; you also have to reject motivated candidates…

Hello team

On Wednesday we planned a trip to Constanta. Not only in Bucharest, but also in Constanta there are colleagues working every day to improve and expand MXSuite. We enjoyed being able to visit them and connect in real life once again.

Thursday we were back in Bucharest, this time to spend time with our team there. Some team members were only meeting each other for the first time! Due to all the restrictions of the past period, it was not possible for them to work in the office. You can imagine that it was great to finally see each other.

The next day, two seats were waiting for us again, this time to take us back to the Netherlands. What remained from this wonderful trip were the gifts we received, but above all a warm and happy feeling. Incredible, what a team spirit, what a drive to further develop MXSuite so that it becomes even more effective for customers. A big thank you to our colleagues in Romania!

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Meet our colleagues in Romania!

Did you know we have an office in Romania? What was ordinary before can now almost be called extraordinary. In early 2020, COVID-19 broke out


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