You can’t copy passion

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At Mastex we like to do things our way to surprise and delight our customers. We care about the people that are out there on the sea, and their colleagues guiding them from the shore. You see that in everything we do, from great software to the way we communicate with the people we help. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay unique when other companies like what they see and start doing it too. Is it a compliment? Well, it definitely means we’re on the radar and that we are doing a good job. 

In Dutch we have a saying: ‘better steal it right than implement an original bad idea’. But I don’t believe that is entirely true. At Mastex we are firm believers in working with your own strengths and staying true to your own identity. We, for example, believe that in order for our software to actually help you, it has to be simple and easy to use in your day-to-day life onboard a ship. Not one solution serves all, but software tailored to your specific problems and the service to help you get the most out of it. 

So, when you join us for a coffee at Europort, a training on location, or send us an online meeting request via the website, rest assured we listen. We understand. We create software because we know how hard it is to organize everything on board, and how life-essential it is to be able to trust the processes on your vessels. 

And there is no company that can copy that passion for the maritime industry. Because we love what we do, and we love helping you move forward with your company too. 

On behalf of our team, we are there for you.

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You can’t copy passion

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