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    For the past fifteen years, Mastex Software has helped shipping companies, ship owners and ship managers solve a range of onboard and onshore challenges involving maritime fleet management. We do this by applying MXSuite fleet management software to acquire more insight and gain a better understanding of daily challenges.

    This helps us reduce costs and improve the lifetime of the fleet. It also creates ownership and accountability for all involved.

    We believe that we can achieve more together. With our software, we provide solutions to the challenges of modern ship management. As with other users in more than 60 countries, there is no doubt about our mutual gains. If you are just as ambitious as we are, we look forward to welcoming you as MXSuite user.

    We are committed to being a professional and reliable partner that creates innovative software and offers high-quality service.

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    world wide users

    Synchronise to vessel, yacht, ship, boat, sailboat
    Sync to main (head) office, second office, laptop or more locations


    As a database is used at the office and on the ship, it’s important that data can be exchanged reliably. The synchronization of MXSuite runs in the background and is started periodically. This synchronization can be integrated with different communication platforms, which allows for a direct connection to the satellite e-mail providers and a direct and secure Internet connection.

    Insightful information flow between ship and office

    For whom?

    With a diverse range of modules, MXSuite offers several possibilities that can optimize and facilitate the management of your fleet. From maintenance to certificates and from purchasing to crewing, MXSuite offers you a structured management solution.

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    Crewing module

    Did you know that you are able to keep control about the work- and rest hours onboard using the crewing module?

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