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MXSuite, developed by Mastex Software, is the most complete and simple fleet management software for maritime businesses, that significantly facilitates the management of your vessel or ship. With MXSuite, you can keep all communication flows between ship and office clearly available in one system. Because of this, the software program doesn’t just make it possible to manage everything related to your fleet, it is also very easy in use. Because of that, this fleet management software for managing a ship or vessel is an important resource for any maritime business.

The most simple and complete fleet management software for maritime businesses

With the MXSuite software you have full control over your complete fleet management, whether you would like to manage a leisure ship or a commercial vessel. Also of high importance, using MXSuite could even lead to savings. This is a result of the fact that the software program leads to an increased efficiency in management of the fleet of maritime businesses. This increased efficiency at its place is a result of the extremely user-friendly design of MXSuite. That’s why we at Mastex Software are convinced that MXSuite will bring your overall fleet management in your maritime business to the next level, whether you are using it for a ship or for a vessel.

Diverse range of modules: vessel or ship fleet management software

Making use of MXSuite has even more benefits. One of them is that the software is modular. This means that it exists out of different modules, each focussing on a specific aspect that can optimize and facilitate managing your fleet. Possibilities range from inventory to crewing and from certificates to maintenance. For every aspect of managing your fleet, MXSuite offers you a structured solution. Do you want to make use of all the benefits of MXSuite? In that case, you just buy the whole software program. Do you, however, think you are only going to use certain modules? We give you the possibility to just buy those modules. This makes the software program, created by Mastex Software, very flexible in its use.

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Do you want to bring the fleet management of your maritime business to the next level with the MXSuite software? Request your free demo and see for yourself which benefits this easy to use software brings to your business. You can request your demo by filling in the form on our website, or by calling to +31 78 202 0 202. Would you like to have more information about this software program? Also, feel free to give us a call. We would like to tell you more about the way MXSuite can benefit your business.


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