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If you want to manage your planned maintenance system, MXSuite is the software for you to make sure your ships remain in. With MXSuite, designed and developed by Mastex Software thanks to the input of our clients, you can manage all processes related to your fleet in one single system. Because of this we proudly call MXSuite the most complete and simple fleet management software. Use MXSuite to optimize all your fleet management processes and even increase their efficiency.

Improve your planned maintenance system by using the MXSuite management software for ships

The MXSuite software offers an overview of all processes related to managing your fleet. The program is subdivided into multiple modules. This gives you the possibility to only purchase the modules that you need. If you, for example, only want to use the software to keep track of the planned maintenance system for your ships, you could only buy the Maintenance module. With the Maintenance module, called MX Maintenance, you have a clear and reliable overview of all tasks to be performed on your ships. These tasks could range from inspections and maintenance activities to routine checks. Each task can easily be categorised. With this, the software system gives you a clear overview of the planned maintenance activities for your ships. The program also offers you a history section where completed tasks can be viewed. Because of this, the program gives you a clear overview of all tasks related to the maintenance of your ships.

Do you want to try MXSuite?

At Mastex Software we give you the possibility to try MXSuite before you purchase the software. Request your demo of the software by filling in the contact form on our website or by calling to +31 78 202 0 202. Would you like to have more information about our software? Feel free to contact us, either through our contact form or through calling us.

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