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Each ship has a lot of certificates for class and other instances and with this innovative software you can keep track of all of them. MXSuite, developed by Mastex Software, is a simple but complete fleet management software. With this software, all processes related to your fleet can be optimized. Also, the efficiency of managing your fleet can be increased. And maybe the best part of all of this: the software is modular. This means that you can buy just that modules that you need. So, if you only want to keep track of the certificates of your ship, you could choose to only use the Certificate module of this software package, called MX Certificates. That is the flexibility you can expect from the products of Mastex Software.

From now on, you can keep track of each ship certificate with this simple software

On a ship, there are many certificates you need to keep track of. In order to maintain a clear overview of all those certificates you will need a clever tool. You’ll find this clever tool in MX Certificates. In this Certificate module of the MXSuite software, all certificates are clearly organized and categorized. Because of this, you can very easily find and send a certificate by email when a client requests one. By using MX Certificates, you can make all your processes regarding your certificates more efficient. Do you want to try this software for managing each ship certificate? Request your free demo today! You can do this by filling in the form on our website, or by calling to +31 78 202 0 202. Also, if you’d like to have more information about our software you can get in touch with Mastex Software through our website or by calling us.

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