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MXSuite is your software for vessel crew management. With this system, developed by Mastex Software, you can keep track of anything related to the crew management of your vessel. Both for a very large crew as well as a small crew, it is extremely important to have a professional registration and monitoring system. The reason for this is that every crew member on board of your vessel has their own data and documents, which will take good management skills to keep track of. The Crewing module of our MXSuite software facilitates this.

Your solution for vessel crew management

The Crewing module of the MXSuite software makes it easy for its users to keep track of the crew on, for example, a vessel. The software, however, does much more than just register information. It also gives you a notification when documents of your crew are about to expire or when the work schedule does not meet the requirements for safe manning. MXSuite crewing module keeps also track of the work and rest hours of your crew according to the regulations of IMO and MLC. With all of those functions, the Crewing module of the MXSuite software offers everything you need for the crew management on a vessel.

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MXSuite is your most complete and simple fleet management software by Mastex Software. With the addition of the Crewing module it is perfectly suitable for keeping track of anything on your vessel, including the crew. Do you have any questions about our software? Or do you want to request a demo? You can get in touch with us through our website, or you can call to +31 78 202 0 202.

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