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If you’d like to improve your vessel maintenance management, the Maintenance module of the MXSuite software is just the computer program you need. MXSuite is the most complete and simple fleet management software. It provides you a clear overview of all processes that are relevant to your fleet. This gives you the possibility to optimize those processes, increase your efficiency and reduce operational costs. Furthermore, the MXSuite software is modular, meaning that you can just buy the packages that you need. If you, for example, want to improve the management of your vessel maintenance, you could just buy the Maintenance module of the software. MXSuite software by Mastex Software BV can be fully configured to meet customer’s needs.

Improve your vessel maintenance management with this software!

When using the Maintenance module of the MXSuite software, also called MX Maintenance, you have a clear and reliable overview of all tasks that have to be performed regarding the maintenance of your fleet. These could be all kinds of preventive jobs, corrective and planned tasks, ranging from inspections and routine checks to maintenance activities and visual inspections. Maintenance can be based on time as well as based on a running hour machine. All running hour counters are measured in MXSuite. In addition, you can easily categorize each task. Because of this you can have a clear overview on board of the ship as well as in the office of which tasks have to be performed and when these tasks should be performed. All tasks that have been completed can be viewed in the history section of the computer program. This gives you, as the user, a clear overview of which tasks have been completed and when they were completed.

Try MXSuite yourself!

Would you like to organize your vessel maintenance with a clear and simple management software? The Maintenance module, also called MX Maintenance, by Mastex Software, is just the software you need. You can request a demo of the software by filling in the form on our website, or by calling to +31 78 202 0 202. Also, if you would like to know more about our software, feel free to contact us. 

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