MXSuite fleet management software

Inventory Management App

Product listThe Inventory Management App is an add-on to the MXSuite inventory module. This app allows you to easily view and update the stock levels of items.

Use the camera of a phone or tablet to scan barcodes to easily search for items and to add photos of the items.

The Inventory Management App works independently of the operating system of the tablet or phone and is available for Android, iOS and Windows, on both tablets and phones.


  • Consult product data
  • Add an image to a product
  • Adjust remaining stock levels
  • Enter consumption of items

A secure (HTTPS) connection with a certificate for the MXSuite database is required for the Inventory Management App to function correctly.



The Inventory Management App is an add-on to the MXSuite software system. Through the diversity of modules, MXSuite offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise and simplify the management of your fleet.

The need of the user determines which MXSuite modules are applied. That is the power of a modular solution!

Installation, consultancy and support are given by Mastex Software.


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