Keep track of the work and rest hours of your crew with our software

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The Crewing module enables you to keep track of the work and rest hours on board with the MXSuite software, developed by Mastex Software. Each crew member on board provides their own data such as certificates and documents. For all crew members on board it is important to have a good and reliable registration system. That is why we created the Crewing module for our MXSuite software. Proper use of the functionality of the work and rest hour system avoids port state control problems. Reduce non conformities while checking compliance with STCW 2010, the ILO MLC, US OPA 90 and OCIMF requirements.

Keep track of the work and rest hours of your crew with our software

The Crewing module of our MXSuite software works as a registration system. The Work and rest hour registration is linked to the planning of each crew member and automatically fills the working hours per day based on the rank of the employee. It is, however, much more than just that. In addition to just registering information, the Crewing module also notifies in the software and by email when certificates, documents and medical checks of crew members are about to expire. Corresponding with this, the system gives a notification when crew members do not meet the safe manning requirements within their schedule.

Are you interested in the MXSuite software and the Crewing module?

With the MXSuite software by Mastex Software, we give you the possibility to have full control over all of your fleet processes. With this software, you can make your business operations more efficient and bring your overall fleet management to the next level. You can, for example, use our software to keep track of the work and rest hours of your crew. For more information about our software and the Crewing module you can fill in the form on our website or call to +31 78 202 0 202.

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