MXSuite fleet management software

Reliable MRV reporting

The MRV (Monitoring Reporting Verification) regulation (2015) requires shipowners for their fleet of vessels above 5000 GT to monitor, report and verify the CO2 emmissions. This is for all voyages to, from and between ports in the European Union.

The document module of MXSuite is developed by Mastex Software to grant access and get a clear overview of all documents and forms for the crew onboard. All documents and forms are presented in a clear overview and can be found easily. The documents we're talking about could be ISM related documents, but could also be noon reports or departure and arrival reports.

Based on the filled forms (like the noon reports) MXSuite can generate all necessary overviews which means that generating overview reports became an easy job. Reportings can be fixed defined in a report, but also a direct interface with Microsoft Excel is possible.

As the MRV becomes active, we found a new use of the documents module. With the unique corporation with We4Sea we offer a reliable solution for MRV reporting. MXSuite takes care of gathering all necessary data, We4Sea takes care of the required Annual Emissions Reporting to the European Commission.

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Published: 2017-09-26 14:07:00