GDPR and MXSuite Crewing, the perfect match!

GDPR: MXSuite offers security ánd user friendliness

Just a few more weeks and the new General Data Protection Regulation will be enforceable. From the 25th of May 2018 all recorded personal data must be in accordance with this new privacy legislation. Throughout the European Union, the same rules will apply regarding data storing. Important features of this new law are the obligation to register all acts of data processing, strict data protection and the ability of any data subject to look into their own data and to check whether any requested rectification or deletion has taken place. If a company does not meet these requirements, fines can amount to no less than 20 million euros.

Personal data close at hand

So, it is of the utmost importance that your employees’ personal data are registered correctly. The MXSuite Crewing module provides you with a tool to do so easily and clearly, both aboard and in the office. Master data, evaluations, visa and sailing logs: all personal data in this Crewing module are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Secure data registration

Apart from user friendliness, MXSuite Crewing also offers a secure way to register your personal data. Using this module, you meet the condition of safety set by the new regulation. All data useful to you and your crew are to be found in one clearly structured and well-secured database.

Prepare yourself for the GDPR

Besides, the module enables your employees to check out their own data. Depending on the employee’s user rights, data can be changed or deleted. If employees are not authorized to do so themselves, they have the possibility of checking whether the changes or deletions they requested to be made have been carried out by the management. Using this module, you guarantee your employees’ ‘right to rectification’ and their ‘right to be forgotten’ as the GDPR requires.

Making life easier yet

Next to the necessary functions of secure data registration and transparency for the data subject, MXSuite Crewing offers a range of other advantages which will ease your job. Think of notifications when documents are about to expire and the registration of hours of work and rest. Feel free to navigate our website to discover what we have in store for the maritime industry!


Read also our privacy statement here.

Published: 2018-04-24 21:50:00