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Absorbent beermat as fleet management system

The connection between a beermat and, let's say, a planned maintenance system may surprise you: both can be used to keep track of maintenance activities. We realise this overlooks several aspects like the ability to manage and link maintenance activities or determine with accuracy when the last maintenance activities were performed. We will leave it to the reader to judge the relevance of this...

But there's more.
The Germans introduced the cardboard beermat in the late nineteenth century with great success. Beer was a popular drink, but the tablecloths and bars on which the beer steins would rest quickly became dirty and marred. A simple piece of highly-absorbent cardboard protected wooden bars from becoming damaged and left tablecloths cleaner. It also saved washing and painting expenses.

Bar owners soon realised that minimal investments saved huge amounts of money. After all, the cost of a few beermats greatly outweighed the costs of washing, painting and replacing tables and bars. But it got better. Cardboard beermats could be easily printed. Breweries quickly saw this as an easy way to advertise their products.

So what's the connection between beermats and modern fleet management systems? Some people questioned whether they'd earn back their beermat investments, but bar owners knew better and saw the advantages and potential savings. The same applies to fleet management software. Proper use of such software also brings about cost savings. Whereas a beermat saves costs by absorbing moisture, the right fleet management software absorbs extra costs. Consider the optimum maintenance interval for installed machines. Or the ability to prove to an auditor that a safety exercise has been performed properly.

But what about those breweries? Well, we think that shipbuilders can play an important role. Perfectly scheduled maintenance should come with the ship, including a full item database with all spare parts and a set of digital manuals and drawings.

Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem is an example of this. We cannot mention which supplier the company chose to for its fleet management software, but what we can say is that this particular Dutch shipbuilder opted for a renowned software supplier from the Netherlands.
To imitate...

Published: 2016-07-12 19:10:00