We’re there: Europort 2021

Europort 2021

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The countdown has been started: 2nd November Europort 2021 will open its doors in Rotterdam. Finally, after the last show in November 2019, we have the chance to be on a show again!

In that 2 years a lot of things happened. Let’s not talk about Covid-19 too much, but let’s focus on the new MXSuite version 3 which will be presented there at the show.

To visit the show, you need to register. You may register free of charge using the button below.

What & who you may expect…

During the show we would like to get in touch with you. Not to push anything to you, but we would like to know you and we are interested in your story. And yes, maybe we can help you with your business, rolling out a project to implement MXSuite in your organization.

We have demo’s available of MXSuite version 2, but also for the version 3 browser based version. Ask us, and we will demonstrate. Or, just walk to one of the screens and start playing around.

Hendrik Herrera

Hendrik Herrera

Yep, that’s Hendrik. He is responsible for sales, marketing, leading projects, and doing a lot more things.

Nice to meet you Hendrik!

Theo Vlot

Theo Vlot

Theo is one of our support engineers. Taking care of the customer success…

As Theo says: I will be the most reliable person at the stand, as I am in the top of the pyramid of trust.

So, talk to him, he is reliable!

Peter van Driel

Peter van Driel

And yes, Peter will be there too. Founder, director, sales, marketing, support, and so on. Lot’s of things he’s busy with.

According to Theo, he is at the bottom of the pyramid. Keep dreaming Theo…

Anyway, it will be nice to meet you. It could be a bit challenging, but we are ready to participate tis years show in Rotterdam.

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Europort 2021

We’re there: Europort 2021

The countdown has been started: 2nd November Europort 2021 will open its doors in Rotterdam. Finally, after the last show in November 2019, we have


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