Validated data population, entry and migration to MXSuite based on equipment manuals

Data entry

A good maintenance software package is no guarantee for proper machine maintenance. Your experienced and reliable crew members rely on what the software tells them.

To improve the reliability of the maintenance schedule, we can set up a maintenance database for you.

We carry out the following steps in order to create a reliable database:

create database

During the analysis phase, all submitted manuals are reviewed and all relevant text is highlighted. The highlighted text is then transcribed into an Excel sheet during the digitisation phase.

This digital list is randomly checked against the submitted manuals for accuracy and completeness.

Finally, the digital maintenance schedule is loaded into the maintenance and inventory modules in MXSuite. The result:

  • Logical classification of machines
  • Maintenance tasks with corresponding maintenance intervals
  • Tasks descriptions
  • Digital manuals for the right machines
  • Inventory management for spare parts

A reliable maintenance schedule and the right spare parts ensure that maintenance is carried out according to the regulations. This helps to minimise planned and unplanned downtime, which in turn saves energy and costs!

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