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Track all data per voyage with the MXSuite Voyages module. Travel documents, discharging times, documents; you can adapt every voyage to your situation. 

Where can I see my next voyage?
Where do I save the loading and unloading times for this voyage?
How do I collect information for my MRV and DCS report?


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Where are the travel documents? What is my next voyage? What were the loading and unloading times on the last voyage? Keeping accurate voyage records is essential. MXSuite offers a Voyages module to track all data per voyage, such as ports, cargo, and documents.

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adapt every voyage to your situation

The MXSuite Voyages module enables you to adapt every voyage specific to your situation.

Loading and discharging times, voyage documents, configurable templates and forms, all information per port and per voyage is saved in one central system. Gain insights to further optimize your fleet and be assured your crew is good to go.


the voyage module covers:

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At Mastex we like to keep things simple. You only select the modules you need. To further optimise your fleet management you might choose to add or combine other modules to make powerful combinations. Whatever your challenge is, we’ve got you covered.

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