Assets tasks (maintenance)

Your fleet management under control

Ensure all your tasks are performed on time. Get a complete overview of your equipment status and organize your maintenance tasks, safety tasks or any other task to your needs.

When to perform maintenance tasks?
What happened when?
This could have happened during dry dock.

Assets Tasks

Keeping your vessels good to go

When to perform which tasks and what activities have already been done? With the Assets Tasks module in MXSuite you have a clear and reliable overview of all completed and scheduled tasks. Easily plan and categorize your inspections, maintenance and routine checks and keep track of your equipment status. 

No more last-minute actions, lack of responsibility or insufficient spare parts:  everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Our most complete module

organize your tasks to your needs

The MXSuite Assets Tasks module will help you organize your tasks. This will provide you with reliable information regarding your equipment status. Assign tasks to ranks which can be automatically prioritized or synchronize and link tasks across the fleet, for example to budget codes for cost insight.

With extensive insights in planned and corrective tasks, the possibilities to optimize your fleet maintenance are endless.


The Assets Tasks module covers:

MXSuite navigates easily and quickly. I didn't grow up with computers, so it's very pleasant to work with a software that works so intuitively.

Everything you need in one place


Connect with MX Documents:

  • Manuals can be stored and linked from a central location for different tasks
  • Database size is reduced as documents can be linked to multiple categories and tasks
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Connect with MX Purchase to:

  • Create budget
  • Create requisition
  • Create service request
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Assets Parts

Connected with MX Inventory:

  • Parts are linked to maintenance tasks to give you insight into what you’ll need in the future
  • Stock of used parts decreases automatically
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Combine Assets Tasks with

Smart connect

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