MXSuite Safety

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Safety first! Stay on top of important procedures and safety drills. Get a complete overview of trainings and which crew members participated in the drills.

Which drills are scheduled this month?
Who can participate in these drills?
What were the results of the last fire drill?

MXSuite Safety

safety first was never this easy

Which safety drills have been scheduled, who needs to participate and how did it go last time? With the Safety module you are always on top of your safety protocols.

You can schedule all safety drills in a timely manner, add important procedures, and maintain an overview of when each exercise has been completed. In combination with our Crewing module it is even possible to examine which drills each crew member has participated in.

Organize your drills

with all paperwork in order

The MXSuite Safety module helps you organize all trainings and safety drills on board the vessels. This gives you the security that your paperwork is in order. You will be able to plan reviews and send this information to all stakeholders.

the safety module covers:

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