MXSuite: A Decade and a Half of Innovation in Maritime Fleet Management

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Today, thousands of users work daily with the software application MXSuite. Fifteen years ago, on May 7 2009, the first version of MXSuite was launched. This release was preceded by many months of close consultation, programming, and testing. After years of being a reseller of another software package, Mastex Software decided in 2008 to develop its own maritime fleet management software solution. User-friendliness was a top priority for the software. Mastex Software succeeded in developing the ideal software application for maritime professionals. MXSuite quickly gained ground as a newcomer in the market.

Fifteen years ago, MXSuite enabled full synchronization between the office and the ship. Founder Peter van Driel of Mastex Software says: “Even on ships with a slow internet connection or on ships where only email communication was possible, this synchronization worked flawlessly.”

Additionally, MXSuite was equipped with a sophisticated purchasing module. This module made it possible not only to keep track of the current inventory on board but also to directly replenish the stock by creating purchase orders. Peter noted, “A functionality that is quite standard today, but at that time, it was groundbreaking for the part of the maritime sector in which Mastex Software was active.”

After that, things progressed rapidly…

As more and more ships were equipped with MXSuite, the need for functionality also grew. Functionalities were added within the original modules, and new modules were developed. These included document management, a module providing insight into fuel consumption, and the crewing module for recording crew information.

MXSuite Indispensable for Maritime Fleet Management

Fifteen years later, many fundamental aspects have remained the same. Peter said, “User-friendliness is still high on our priority list. Just as we delivered MXSuite version 1.0 in 2009 to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, we continue to do so in 2024. With MXSuite’s current, recently updated version. Providing ship owners and shipping companies with the ability to better manage their fleet is what we do. By always listening to the wishes of the customer and prioritizing them, Mastex Software has managed to offer a solution that has been indispensable. Both onboard and at the shore office for fifteen years.”

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