Author: Peter van Driel

MXSuite: A Decade and a Half of Innovation in Maritime Fleet Management

Today, thousands of users work daily with the software application MXSuite. Fifteen years ago, on May 7 2009, the first version of MXSuite was launched. This release was preceded by many months of close consultation, programming, and testing. After years of being a reseller of another software package, Mastex Software

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MXSuite Version 3 addresses customer needs even better

The advancements in digitalization are relentless, and the team at Mastex Software is keenly following them, drawing inspiration from these trends. As digitalization evolves, so do customer needs. The new Version 3 of the MXSuite software application now even better meets the demands of shipping companies and ship owners. Theo

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The Benefits of MXSuite as a Software as a Service Solution

As the internet grew, it opened new doors and changed the way we work. The familiar sight of in-house servers at the office is now being replaced by cloud services. Both company data and software solutions are moving to the cloud. Nowadays, a lot of business software is web-based, accessible

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Update the SQL Server in time and avoid problems  

Share This Post Do you know the famous saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”? Often, this is a good basic attitude. But sometimes, it is much smarter to take steps before there is a problem. This is especially true for your SQL Server. To avoid problems, it is

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Welcome aboard SOMARA!

Tired of managing your fleet with Excel? That was exactly what SOMARA was thinking. With their 6 tugboats, multicat and barges they were looking for an easy to use fleet management system. Recently, I got to visit them for a week in Fort de France – Martinique to help set up MXSuite.

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GSS chooses MXSuite V3 for their sailboats

Hello Barcelona! Last week, I got to implement MXSuite for GSS (Great Southern Sea) in Spain. This shipping company manages several ships, ranging from sailboats to a race boat. When the company started to grow, with more crew members and new ships coming in, they realized it was too much

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It’s there! It’s finished. The eagle has landed.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been stepping up our game and it’s high time we upgrade our website to keep up with our latest creative works and the development of our MXSuite solution. We welcome you to visit our renewed site and see it with photos, articles,

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After hours: drone videos of impressive vessels

While most people rather sleep in, or later in the day, get back home as soon as possible to make dinner, we always find our CEO Peter van Driel catching a vessel moving into a sunrise or sunset. Admiring a stunning golden horizon and impressive tonnages of (cargo) vessels, trying to capture all the grandeur with his drones. Now that’s passion for maritime! For example one of the world’s largest vessels, the Danish Container Ship Matz Maersk passing Hansweert at Western Scheldt in March 2022.

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Why we love what we do

Recently we visited the Cathma and the Cathy Jo, two impressive cargo vessels of Corrib Shipping. Currently we are visiting all the vessels of this shipping company to update them to our newest cloud based version of our fleet management software. 

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