Welcome aboard SOMARA!

Some tugboats of Somara berthed in Fort-de-France

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Tired of managing your fleet with Excel? That was exactly what SOMARA was thinking. With their 6 tugboats, multicat and barges they were looking for an easy to use fleet management system. Recently, I got to visit them for a week in Fort de France – Martinique to help set up MXSuite.

Martinique based SOMARA carries out harbor work operations throughout the Caribbean and has developed contractual relations with the major operators of the region. Besides harbor work and terminal operations, the company is involved in all marine aspects, including barge transport, and environmental work. They even specialize in wreck removal and offer harbor assistance for berthing and unberthing. As a salvage company, the company is operating 24 hours a day, all year round.

Easy vessel management with MXSuite

Instead of managing everything with Excel and countless emails, SOMARA will now be able to manage their ships with ease with MXSuite V2. From now on, they will use MXSuite for Maintenance, Inventory, Certificats, Safety, FLGO and Crewing. A great selection of modules!

Managing their crew

During my visit to SOMARA, I set up MXSuite together with Nina Maillot, their Crewing manager & HSQE, and we started filling the system with the right information. For Nina, the most important thing was to have a well working crewing system. She found the solution in our crewing module, where she can store all personal data, see if a crew member meets the requirements for the rank he holds and if the crew member in question can be deployed on any of the ships according to the safe manning.

Always add the right manual

There was also a need for a solution to store the Safety Manual with all the forms. For this, the document module is used in which the manuals are stored but also the reports are created. The mandatory exercises can also be recorded and processed this way.

After an intensive week Nina resounded: ‘This will save me só much time’, and added a little later: ‘Now I can have more structure in my daily work.’ I love hearing a happy customer, and especially knowing they really do have the simple solution to fleet management they were looking for. Welcome aboard SOMARA, we look forward to our collaboration!

Want to know more about SOMARA?

Visit their website at https://somara.eu/ 

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