GSS chooses MXSuite V3 for their sailboats

GSS chooses MXSuite V3 for their sailboats

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Hello Barcelona! Last week, I got to implement MXSuite for GSS (Great Southern Sea) in Spain. This shipping company manages several ships, ranging from sailboats to a race boat. When the company started to grow, with more crew members and new ships coming in, they realized it was too much to manage by themselves. Luckily, they soon found MXSuite and it turned out to be a perfect fit!

No more fleet management in Excel

Where Excel and Google Drive used to work well for their vessel management before, with the growing numbers, GSS knew they needed software that worked for them. In their search for the right software, they immediately found us and liked our personal approach and quick replies. We were equally excited about their enthusiasm and enjoyed the quick process. After a meeting where we showed MXSuite and demonstrated the functionalities, they were impressed and eager to get started. As soon as possible! One week later, I was already in Barcelona for a successful consultancy visit and to install MXSuite at their office.

Sailing to Antarctica

GSS will start with MXSuite for two sailboats, the Vinson of Antartica and the Endurance of Antarctica. When those are fully set up, we will also be implementing MXSuite on their new sailboats that are still being built. GSS chose MXSuite V3, the online environment of our fleet management software. The software is also installed onboard, since these sailboats make expeditions to Antarctica! As you can imagine, there is no steady internet there. Installing MXSuite onboard ensures that they can always rely on our software. We will implement MXSuite with the modules Assets Tasks for maintenance, Assets parts for inventory, Safety and Certificates

I feel privileged to have our software solution installed onboard the expedition yacht Vinson of Antarctica and the Endurance of Antarctica, and look forward to further implementations in the future. Thanks, GSS for the trust and hospitality!

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GSS chooses MXSuite V3 for their sailboats

GSS chooses MXSuite V3 for their sailboats

Hello Barcelona! Last week, I got to implement MXSuite for GSS (Great Southern Sea) in Spain. This shipping company manages several ships, ranging from sailboats


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