Irish ship Granuaile ready for the future after installation MXSuite V3

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Since March 2015, Mastex Software has been working with the Commissioners of Irish Lights. With the installation of the MXSuite software application on board the ship Granuaile, the organization took a significant step in optimizing operational activities. This marked a departure from an old and inefficient system that had been in use since the ship’s commissioning. The transition was made to a robust, user-friendly software solution. Recently, Mastex Software installed MXSuite version 3 on board the Granuaile.

The Granuaile is an essential ship for the maintenance of lighthouses and buoys in Irish territorial waters. The ship faced a challenge in 2015. The existing system, CoCoS, no longer met the demands of modern maritime operations. Mastex Software stepped in with two expert colleagues, ready to make a difference. MXSuite was implemented with care and precision, seamlessly transferring all data from the old system. This smooth transition ensured that the Granuaile could continue its important work without interruptions.

Leading in technology

Now, in 2024, Mastex Software has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by upgrading the ship’s software. MXSuite version 3 was installed, offering advanced features and improved user-friendliness. Thanks to this upgrade, the Granuaile remains at the forefront of technology. The ship can fulfill its crucial role in Irish waters with even greater efficiency.

This case study, describing a process of continuous improvement and innovation, underscores Mastex Software’s mission to provide the maritime sector with state-of-the-art solutions. Peter van Driel of Mastex Software states, “With MXSuite, we not only meet the current demands of our customers but also strive to provide them with the best tools for the future. The collaboration with the Commissioners of Irish Lights and the success of the Granuaile are living proof of this.”

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