The Benefits of MXSuite as a Software as a Service Solution

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As the internet grew, it opened new doors and changed the way we work. The familiar sight of in-house servers at the office is now being replaced by cloud services. Both company data and software solutions are moving to the cloud. Nowadays, a lot of business software is web-based, accessible from anywhere at any time. This includes MXSuite, a maritime software application for fleet management, which can be accessed online. Dozens of shipping companies and ship owners easily use Software as a Service (SaaS).

Organizing daily backups from a local server used to be an important job for system administrators to keep company data safe and secure. With faster internet speeds came more possibilities, such as connecting to the company network through a VPN, making it easier to share files between different company locations.

With faster internet, work practices changes

The cloud quickly followed, thanks to even faster internet connections. From accounting packages to email programs, more applications became available through the cloud. The COVID-19 period accelerated this process. Companies that had all their data and software on an in-house server had to ensure that employees could access the company network from home so they could continue working. Many invested in upgrading their IT landscape.

Software providers also responded to the changing situation. The term SaaS had been around for some time, but now companies were forced to automate further, and many chose not to install software on their own servers but to host it directly through the providers.

What have these developments brought companies?

Firstly, significant cost savings in many areas. Owning a server became unnecessary, meaning no maintenance or updates were needed to be made by the IT department. New software versions are installed and made available by the software provider themselves.

Another important benefit; accessibility has greatly increased. The software is available online and can be used anywhere in the world. An additional advantage is that users are not limited to using a computer but can also use tablets and smartphones.

Great attention for security measures with MXSuite

Having your own server has become unnecessary for using applications like MXSuite. Mastex Software manages hosting from a highly secure and certified data center. Firewalls prevent external attacks, and multi-factor authentication allows only designated users access to MXSuite, keeping sensitive business and privacy information secure.

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