Crew of EemsWerken express preference for MXSuite fleet management


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EemsWerken is a subsidiary of Amasus. The shipping company started in 2016, and from Werkendam, the team is dedicated to the complete operational management of 20 dry cargo shortsea ships. For nearly eight years, EemsWerken has been using the MXSuite program by Mastex Software. Director Gertjan Kornet states, “Figuratively speaking, MXSuite is the highway of our company. The importance of the software application is significant for our daily operations.”

Gertjan Kornet has been involved in the maritime sector for a long time. Naturally, as a young boy, he spent his summer vacations on his brothers’ ship. He recalls that in 1969, his father only needed one certificate on board. By 2024, the number has increased manifold. Kornet says, “Each ship has 129 certificates. With six crew members, dozens of crew certificates are also added. Every certificate must be valid and present on the ship at all times. In MXSuite, all certificates are also available digitally. Moreover, MXSuite notifies us when one or more certificates need updating on a ship. Essentially, there’s an audit on board all our ships every two weeks. It’s best to be well-prepared for that.”

Crew Prefers MXSuite

Regarding fleet management software, Kornet is an experienced user of various software. In previous roles, he used two other software applications, one of which he implemented himself. Kornet says, “This software was geared towards offshore and was even more extensive but also more complex than MXSuite. Once at a crew meeting, I asked our staff which software application they preferred. Almost without exception, MXSuite was mentioned. MXSuite is very user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for all generations on board to work with. Ultimately, the success of your fleet management software application depends on its proper use by the office ashore and the crew on board.”

All Communication via MXSuite

EemsWerken uses almost all modules in MXSuite, including certificates, maintenance, safety, inventory, purchasing, QHSE, documents, reports, messenger, and IHM. Kornet adds, “All communication also runs through MXSuite. This is important because it keeps all communication streams regarding daily operations on board transparent for all involved. By using MXSuite correctly, we prevent costly errors. It goes even further; if we discover that, for example, the capacity of the ballast water pump is decreasing on ship A, which is similar to ships B and C, we also check those parameters proactively on ships B and C. In MXSuite, you can easily set this up. There are always wishes regarding the software application. We certainly communicate these to Mastex Software. We see that they are considered in new releases.”

Making MXSuite Flexible with the E-learning Platform

To quickly enable all crew and new personnel to work with MXSuite, Gertjan proposed creating an E-learning platform. Mastex Software responded to this. In 2023, an E-learning platform was developed that provides a lot of handy user information quickly through short explanatory videos. Kornet emphasizes, “Involving your staff in the use of a software application is very important. Going to a training location for this is too costly. With the E-learning platform, Mastex Software has met a need we had felt for a long time.”

Digitalization Trend Opens New Doors

Every day, the EemsWerken office is busy with all the activities involved in keeping the fleet running. Downtime must be minimized as much as possible. “Crew members prefer to do what they chose; sailing from A to B. The administrative burden, which has only increased and may increase further in the future, should not take up too much time. Without a software application, keeping everything in order would be a full-time job.” Kornet still has wishes in this area: “To relieve the crew, it would be ideal if surveys of our ships could take place from the office in the future. With the current trend in digitalization, this is no longer a distant prospect.”

Adapting to Changes

Improving business processes and focusing on keeping operational costs as low as possible. Kornet believes digitalization offers many opportunities in this area. “You want to be as proactive as possible. Preventing problems by detecting them in time. More and more equipment on board is connected to the internet. For example, ship engines. When parameters deviate, action can be taken promptly, so a problem can be resolved in time.” He continues, “Having the history of the complete engine room and the entire ship available also helps in insurance matters, for example. It answers questions like; What maintenance have you done, how often, and when? MXSuite is making this increasingly clear for us. Software applications like MXSuite must fully support us and adapt to the needs that arise for us as shipping companies. That means not sitting still but listening to the customers, seeing them as a sounding board that helps determine the direction. There’s a significant mutual dependence. Mastex Software consciously invests in a good customer relationship; we feel heard.”

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