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Green Rebel, MXSuite Version 3

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The advancements in digitalization are relentless, and the team at Mastex Software is keenly following them, drawing inspiration from these trends. As digitalization evolves, so do customer needs. The new Version 3 of the MXSuite software application now even better meets the demands of shipping companies and ship owners. Theo Vlot, a Support Engineer at Mastex Software, assists clients in successfully transitioning to Version 3. In February 2024, he visited Green Rebel in Ireland, a versatile company dedicated to achieving climate goals with a focus on offshore wind. Utilizing mini-submarines and drones, the Cork-based company collects data from (potential) offshore wind sites.

Green Rebel owns two research vessels, the Lady Kathleen and the Roman Rebel. Theo Vlot says, “Onboard these ships, crew and scientists work together. Green Rebel came into contact with MXSuite through the purchase of the Roman Rebel, a ship they acquired from another party. The crew was already using MXSuite satisfactorily for ship management. The Lady Kathleen has since been added to MXSuite, and Green Rebel is exploring expansion opportunities to include other assets in the software application.”

Avoiding paperwork

Almost all modules of MXSuite are utilized by Green Rebel. Theo Vlot notes, “During my visit, the Green Rebel team discovered new functionalities and possibilities with MXSuite. Liam O Loinsigh, the application manager, will assist all crew members in properly implementing MXSuite. His efforts, for example, focus on avoiding paperwork. Everything must be processed digitally in MXSuite.”

Liam O Loinsigh reports, “Green Rebel manages a growing fleet. With MXSuite, we can effectively handle fleet management. There must always be insight into the maintenance of our ships. Every crew member must have access to outstanding tasks, where certificates and other documents can be found. With MXSuite, we can manage this in an organized manner. We cannot thank the Mastex Software team enough for developing a professional, user-friendly system and for all the support during the installation phase of Version 3.”

New Features in MXSuite Version 3

In addition to Green Rebel, a significant portion of Mastex Software’s clients have transitioned to MXSuite Version 3 recently. Theo Vlot: “Clients see it as a major advantage that Version 3 is entirely web-based, allowing it to be detached from a fixed computer onboard. MXSuite is accessible from any desired device, be it a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, at any time. Additionally, Version 3 has enhanced dataset security without compromising accessibility for designated users.”

He adds, “Also new are the intuitive dashboards that provide real-time insight into desired datasets. In Version 3, the Assets module combines the modules previously known as Maintenance, Equipment, and Inventory. Offering a better understanding of the entire array of onboard installations. Have metrics like voltage filled in at a task and create a dashboard for that? That’s now possible too. There’s more, but above all, we have incorporated as much customer feedback as possible in the rollout of MXSuite Version 3.”

Click here to view Green Rebels’ website.

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