New Crewing module now also available in MXSuite version 3

Crewing module

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A large number of our customers already have version 3 of MXSuite, the latest version of the software application that the Mastex Software team has worked on with great dedication. Recently, the renewed Crewing module has also been added to MXSuite version 3. Various screens have been redesigned and have a user-friendly, modern layout. Additionally, new features have been added and expanded upon.

It goes without saying that the Crewing module is fully web-based, just like the complete MXSuite version 3. The privacy sensitive information placed in the Crewing module is also extra secured with the introduction of version 3. This includes the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a proven authentication method where the online user must go through two or more steps to access MXSuite. MXSuite version 3 is fully GDPR-compliant.

Access Rights Management

In the Crewing module, users will find a number of new features, as well as features that have been further expanded. For instance, more extensive access rights and restrictions per user group can be configured. Each tab in the Crewing module, such as personal profile, medical records, evaluations, skills, employment contract, family data, etc., can be shielded or accessed as needed, depending on the access rights assigned to each user.

Visualizing Planning Horizon

Also we expanded the visualization capabilities to visualize the planning. Based on year, month, or week, it’s all possible. The drag-and-drop function for registering work & rest hours is very intuitive. Compliance with work and rest hour legislation is checked and visualized immediately when the worked hours are selected. Forward planning of a crew change is also possible, as well as assigning specific crew members to a scheduled crew change. Safe-manning certificates can also be effortlessly added.

Transitioning from version 2 to version 3

Mastex Software makes transitioning to the new Crewing module very easy. All data currently in version 2 is fully converted when upgrading to version 3. For more information about the new Crewing module, please contact us.

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