Synchronise all actual ship's data between vessels and office / offices or laptop and improve your efficiency

Multi office application

Multi-office synchronisation was developed for MXSuite users with more than one office and users interested in using MXSuite offline, like on a plane, for example. With multi-office synchronization, users are no longer dependent on a (slow) VPN connection to the main office, but can work locally on a server or a laptop.

Two multi-office synchronisation options have been described below. Both situations assume that the ship owner has three ships in MXSuite, all of which are synchronised with headquarters.

Sync data between multiple offices

In the example above, the ship owner has his headquarters in Rotterdam and a second office in Singapore. The standard synchronization of MXSuite ensures that the ships are synched with the headquarters in Rotterdam. But MXSuite is also installed in the Singapore office, where the employees use a local, in-office database.

The database is synched regularly between the headquarters in Rotterdam and the office in Singapore. Whether changes are made on board, at headquarters or in Singapore, all data is seamlessly synched across all locations.

And there's more...

Use MXSuite stand alone at laptop

In the example above, headquarters is still synching with the ships, but the superintendent and the vessel manager also have MXSuite installed on their laptops. This means they can access MXSuite anywhere in the world, with or without an internet connection. As soon as the laptop is connected to the internet, all data is re-synched across all locations.



Multi office is part of the MXSuite software system. Through the diversity of modules, MXSuite offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise and simplify the management of your fleet. 

The need of the user determines which MXSuite modules are applied. That is the power of a modular solution! 

Installation, consultancy and support are given by Mastex Software. 

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