Blue Amigo chooses MXSuite

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As of January 1, 2022, Blue Amigo will operate the Waterbus between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to have everything ready for this official moment. Blue Amigo is the passenger transport company over water via ferries and waterbuses. Blue Amigo also has the technical management of ferry services for other routes. In total, almost 50 vessels are currently managed by Blue Amigo. To optimize this management and make it more efficient, the company chose MXSuite as its fleet management software. With MXSuite the company is able to more efficiently and easily manage its business operation with PMS (real-time insight into maintenance), Certificates, Parts Management and QHSE reporting with the Documents module!


As soon as Blue Amigo won the provincial tender for the water bus, this was the starting point for a far-reaching optimization drive. The amount of documentation and maintenance was simply too much to manage via an Excel sheet.

At the end of 2020, contact was made with Mastex Software to start managing the ships via a fleet management software package: MXSuite. At the end of February, the partnership became formal and since then we have been working hard to incorporate the information from the ships into the system and to introduce the superintendents to the system.

At the beginning of the project, I had some hesitations about how it all would work. But now that I see how it all turned out with MXSuite, we are very happy that we took this step.

Contagious teamwork ensures succes

The implementation of MXSuite is not a push of a button. The information had to be put into the system in an orderly fashion. Then the system had to be put into use. We are now in the phase where things need to be optimized further, but the enthusiasm is great.

The enthusiasm of the staff at Mastex Software is infectious and helps with the implementation and acceptance of this software.

Zero-emission vessels

With the 9 new zero-emission ships and hybrid ships, Blue Amigo contributes to the ‘zero-emission public transport by 2030’ objective of the Province of South Holland. Blue Amigo will sail with 3 new zero-emission ships on the connection between Zwijndrecht – Dordrecht – Papendrecht. On the connection Rotterdam – Dordrecht and Rotterdam – Kinderdijk there will be 6 new diesel-electric, hybrid ships, which can easily be converted to fully electric. The new ships will enter service in the course of 2022.

Maintenance with pms of MXSuite and more

With the PMS of MXSuite, Blue Amigo always has real-time insight into the status of the maintenance of the new ships and when which maintenance needs to be performed. Besides the Maintenance module Blue Amigo uses the modules CertificatesParts management and QHSE Documents for further optimization of their business operations.

We were looking for a partner who understood us and who could influence the functionality of the software. Mastex Software offers us the flexibility and support we need.

This way, Blue Amigo is for example able to take photos of parts, damage and recent maintenance with their phone and put them directly into the system. This makes for much more efficient collaboration because things are immediately clear. 


We look forward to a long and pleasant cooperation! 

"Mastex Software BV and Hendrik Herrera thank you for your customer and solution oriented way of working in the preparation of this great project! The use of your software is a big but very desirable change and improvement in the management of our fleet."

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