Inventory Hazardous Materials

IHM module

According to the European regulations (EU 1257/2013) every ship greater than 500GT should have an approved inventory of hazardous materials (IHM). This is also related to the Hong Kong convention MERC.256(68).

After having completed IHM preparation and certification for the ship, IHM Maintenance process can be automated in MXSuite to ensure that ongoing maintenance could be performed digitally in an efficient manner.

The IHM module creates the option to keep track on the IHM list for all type of vessels. The entire IHM list can be created and maintained. All related documents can be saved in MXSuite, so the entire overview is available for the end user, the superintendent and any other interested party like surveyors and auditors.

IHM overview page

The overview page shows the entire list of Hazardous materials onboard with the initial and remaining quantity. Every item can be opened, so the related documents like samples and analysis reports can be read.


IHM printed list

If needed the entire IHM can be printed.


IHM is part of the MXSuite version 3 software system. Through the diversity of modules, MXSuite offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise and simplify the management of your fleet. 

The need of the user determines which MXSuite modules are applied. That is the power of a modular solution! 

Installation, consultancy and support are given by Mastex Software. 


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