Planned maintenance software system (PMS) for your machinery with added value for docking, corrective tasks and defects

Preventive and corrective maintenance

The Maintenance module keeps a clear and reliable overview of all tasks to be performed. These tasks range from inspections and maintenance activities to routine checks, all of which can be easily categorised. Tasks can also be created based on operating hours, time, or a combination of both. This creates a clear overview of all scheduled tasks. Completed tasks can be viewed in the history section, to give you a clear overview of when each task was completed.

planned and corrective maintenance software system


The instruction video below shows you how to update the actual running hour values in MXSuite.


The instruction video below shows you how to mark a maintenance task as completed in MXSuite.



MX Maintenance is part of the MXSuite software system. Through the diversity of modules, MXSuite offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise and simplify the management of your fleet. 

The need of the user determines which MXSuite modules are applied. That is the power of a modular solution! 

Installation, consultancy and support are given by Mastex Software. 

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