Digitization is a key factor for shipping companies to operate more efficiently

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Digitization has been a driving force for change for decades, including in the maritime industry. The world in which shipping companies and shipowners operate has become increasingly complex. To remain competitive, daily requirements must be met, such as meeting customer demands, adapting to constantly changing regulations, addressing sustainability requirements, and managing other factors. An optimally functioning fleet provides stability in operations, allowing for a focus on operating more efficiently. Mastex Software has been serving shipping companies worldwide with the MXSuite software application for over fifteen years. It is an intuitive, advanced, cloud-based solution for fleet management.

Starting with digitization involves collecting data. Data offers potentially important insights that can improve operational management. However, it is essential to collect the right data and record it consistently in a database. Implementing software applications that streamline digital processes for your fleet also involves a kind of change management process. The crew needs to be trained to work with the software correctly. The software is indispensable in daily operations, not only for communication between shore and ship but also for streamlining work processes. Additionally, users can access the desired data at any time according to their information needs. To enable crews to quickly and effectively use MXSuite, Mastex Software recently launched successfully an e-learning platform. Users can start familiarizing themselves with the software application on any preferred device and at any location or time.


Maritime fleet management with MXSuite enables your organization to avoid costly mistakes. With MXSuite, you can effortlessly demonstrate compliance with rules and regulations during inspections and audits. The software also alerts you when certificates need renewal, safety drills need to be conducted, or maintenance work needs to be started. Inventory management of spare parts can also be administered in MXSuite, preventing downtime due to the absence of critical spare parts. The data in MXSuite can be accessed by anyone within your organization, whether onboard or ashore. Provide the right person with the right information at the right time, whether it is the fleet manager, superintendent, captain, or crew manager. Mastex Software ensures optimal accessibility and reliability of data, allowing for a focus on other priorities.

Maritime Data Analysis

With MXSuite, you can satisfy internal customers, your staff, as well as external customers. It provides you with the tool to smoothly manage your fleet. Avoiding machinery or equipment defects that could have been prevented through data insights and consistently meeting current requirements will enable you to fulfill customer agreements on delivery times. The previously collected data can always be accessed for analysis and/or identifying certain patterns.

Dashboards & reports

The data can be visualized through convenient dashboards or generated reports. From now on, make decisions based on up-to-date data and maximize the benefits of digitization. Workflows can also be implemented using MXSuite. For example, build a workflow for streamlining the procurement process by allowing suppliers to submit product prices online via the portal function. The possibilities are endless.

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