Posidonia 2022 a great success!

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We look back at a great experience being at Posidonia 2022 in Athens! Posidonia established itself as one of the major international shipping exhibitions, with thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors active in all sectors of Maritime work. The industry is moving, now that this event could finally take place again, for the first time since 2018. You could feel the buzz and excitement of talks about new opportunities!

Posidonia established itself as one of the major international shipping exhibitions. Located in Athens, once the center of the world, surrounded by the Agean, Ionian, and Adriatic seas of the Mediterranean, over a hundred countries and thousands of visitors gathered. To discover the latest innovations in the shipping market and the chance to network and make new business contacts. Lively discussions, focused workshops and seminars, made into an inspiring event!

Better together

We had the chance to explore new interesting collaborations and meet with our current partners, a.o. Croatia based Socius Ltd. and located in the beautiful port of Piraeus, Triad Ltd, both excellent specialists in the implementation of fleet management systems and provider of total solutions. It was great meeting with them again and it made us realize how proud we are to be working together with such amazing people!

Integrated solutions are key for the future

Now more than ever, tracking maintenance is becoming increasingly important. And, as this event showed, an integrated solution, covering elements such as safety drills, QHSE documents, certificates and crewing, does pay off for shipping companies!

It’s experiences like this that always make us realize the importance of our mission, to help shipping companies and fleet owners forward on their journey by giving them valuable data insights and easing their day tot day operations. With integrated solutions that are easy to use. Empowered and amazed by the marvelous views of Athen’s Piraeus port, we headed home again!

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Posidonia 2022 a great success!

We look back at a great experience being at Posidonia 2022 in Athens! Posidonia established itself as one of the major international shipping exhibitions, with


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