How to have overview with MX Certificates

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There are a large amount of certificates onboard of a ship . There could easily be over 50 different certificates on board. Every certificate has its own due date and several class societies are involved. In short: structure is important!


Structure can be added in several ways. A big planning board has as big advantage that in case of power failure, the due date of certificates still can be guarded.

But, what in case of a fire? And how does the communication between office and ship run?


There also are other ways to keep an overview of the certificates. For example, a spreadsheet is very popular, because it has so much added value. The spreadsheet can be opened on every random moment, is available on multiple places and can also be used interactively with the ship.

Reliability ánd convenience

The ideal situation is of course a combination of reliability and convenience. And that is what MXSuite has to offer.
The certificates module of MXSuite is available at the office as well as on the ship and due to the synchronisation between ship and office, they can simultaneously work in this module. All data of the certificates are available on both locations and the certificates are guarded on due dates.

Even more advantage…

Besides the mentioned reliability and convenience, the Certificates module offers even more. A list of several advantages:

  • Every certificate can be saved digitally in the module. In this way, you always have a copy of the certificate available at the office ánd on board.
  • MXSuite shows an overview of the certificates with due dates and survey dates with only one touch of the button.
  • There can be created an overview of all certificates of the whole fleet. For example, all certificates can be shown that are due between now and three months. Or all certificates of DNV-GL or Lloyd’s Register can be easily called up.
  • With a single touch of the button certificate data can be sent by e-mail. Possibly with the scanned certificate as an attachment!

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