What is fleet management software?

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The term fleet management is used in several markets. A comparable term that is often used, is asset management, so the management of the assets, those objects of value. This can be a ship in the maritime sector, but do also not forget the crew members. More in detail, assets can be found as engines, generators, nautical navigation and communication equipment. In short, everything of value.

MXSuite as fleet management software package

The software package that is delivered by Mastex Software is MXSuite. With this software solution, a tool is given to manage your fleet of ships. Regardless of whether it is a small ship, such as a tug, or a dredger. MXSuite supplies a solution for every type of ship. From yacht to cruise ship, from tanker to heavy cargo ship.

Modules in MXSuite

MXSuite is built up from several modules. Every module has its own specific goal and application.

Maintenance – In this module all maintenance is registered and scheduled. No matter whether it is planned maintenance or unplanned /stilstand/, or whether it concerns the main engine or a fire extinguisher, the whole maintenance schedule can be entered in this module. The linked module Equipment offers the ability to save the characteristics and the specifications of the equipment. View module

The module Inventory keeps track of the inventory of all spare parts on board. Complete stock management, with an indication of the minimum and maximum stock. View module

With the module Purchase, all orders can be placed at the desired supplier. Requesting prices via quotation, sending orders, registering receipts, it can all be done with this module. View module

By using the module Certificates, all ship certificates are kept track of in a structured way. Before a certificate is due, a clear warning is given. View module

Module Safety gives a clear insight in the state of affairs around all safety exercises. Every exercise is scheduled along a fixed schedule, whereafter the evaluation can be entered. View module

Crewing is a comprehensive module in which all data of the crew can be registered and guarded for the due dates. View module

The module FLGO shows the consumption of all consumers on board. By periodically measuring and entering the current content of the tanks and besides by registering every bunkering, the consumption of every arbitrary period can be calculated. View module

The module Voyage provides insight in the travel data. Every voyage can be registered with the loading ports and discharging ports. Per port the desired data can be entered, such as the time of arrive, departure, start of loading or discharging, end of loading or discharging, etc. View module

Goal of fleet management software

Many things that are done in an asset management package provide a relief of burdens. But there can be named more goals, such as:

  • Insight in the processes, because data are synchronized between office and ship
  • Enlarging efficiency, because a demonstrable transfer between crew members is created
  • Insight in the maintenance history
  • Timely warning when certificates are almost due. This prevents /stilstand/ and being idle! 

A fleet management software package is meant for businesses that want to move forward, that want to increase their efficiency, that also want to try to avoid double work and in this way want to relieve the administrative burdens.


Because much data is saved in a good working management software package, it is possible to extract and combine much data from the database. What to think about a clear report of the consumption of fuel for every sailed mile for a certain period? Or maybe the use per mile per running hour of the main engine?

View MX Reports module
View MX Documents module for QHSE report templates
View MXSuite Dashboard for data visualisation

The answer? MXSuite! Simplicity is the key!

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