Where should I begin??!!

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The implementation of a new software package seems so simple, but the reality is more unruly. Today we hope to help you with some suggestions from our own experience.

  1. Choose the right person in charge
  2. Goals and expectations
  3. Training

Company Champion

I love the term, Company Champion. Every part of your company needs a champion. Someone who knows everything about a particular theme and is also responsible for it. A well-known example is of course the QHSE manager. If you want to change things, make sure your champion can inspire, encourage and lead by example. Nothing is more frustrating for an employee to be stopped from building ‘their’ business.

It sounds like a cliché, but as the responsible person you do not have to be an IT employee, but you do require insight into what you want and can achieve with the software.

Goals and expectations

When you start the MXSuite implementation process, it is important that you create realistic goals and expectations. What is your dot on the horizon? What would you like to achieve with automation? Is it necessary to store certain things centrally? Then of course comes the question, how much time do you have for each goal? The faster you want to go, the more attention you must pay to it. It is not just about getting data in the right place in the database, but also about the people who work with it embracing MXSuite.

Getting ready

If you envision that your people will have to start working with the new software, it is important to ensure that they have the minimum knowledge and skills to work efficiently with it. Make sure they do not see more than necessary. This provides a clear software environment, without too many distracting buttons.


At Mastex Software we have extensive experience with every implementation step for your organization.
Contact Mastex Software and we will be happy to show you how we would approach the implementation for your organization.

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