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Recently we visited the Cathma and the Cathy Jo, two impressive cargo vessels of Corrib Shipping. Currently we are visiting all the vessels of this shipping company to update them to our newest cloud based version of our fleet management software. 

Corrib shipping upgrades to MXSuite 3

Corrib Shipping is an Ireland based shipping company, managing 5 general cargo vessels with a combined deadweight tonnage of about 30,000! The company is one of our first customers. They have been with us since the very first version of MXSuite, and have continued to grow with us ever since. For our cloud based version 3 of MXSuite they have decided to use the modules for Maintenance and Parts Management (Assets tasks and parts), as well as Certificates and Safety. 


Whenever we perform an update we always like to go onboard personally. This way, not only can we answer any questions the crew might have and explain useful features to ease their daily operations, it also allows us to connect with our customers. For us, this is the reason why we enjoy this work so much, just to have a coffee and chat about life on sea and life at home. 

It's all about...

During my visit I encountered many crew members, who originate from Ukraine or Russia, and have a lot on their minds due to the growing tensions between both countries. Conversations like this always remind me that whatever we do, it is always about the people. To try and make their work life better.

We don’t have the power to control everything in life, but if our software and our service helps to make the life of fleet owners, office employees and crew members onboard easier, that means the world to us. So that they can focus more on what they enjoy about life, whether it is personal freedom, the growth of their company, or just being at sea with an extra bit of peace of mind. 

Maintenance with pms of MXSuite and more

With the PMS of MXSuite, Corrib Shipping always has real-time insight into the status of the maintenance of the cargo vessels and when which maintenance needs to be performed. Besides the Maintenance module Corrib Shipping Group uses the modules CertificatesParts management and Safety for further optimization of their business operations.

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