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Waste measurement computer

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Recycling waste, tracking waste and monitoring how much waste you produce. It is something that many people have to think about daily and waste is also an interesting subject when it comes to cruise ships. Like every household or company cruise ships have to think about the waste they produce and possible ways of reducing and recycling. Uniworld is a company that wants to get more insight into the waste production on their ships. In the past few years they have monitored the waste stream on their cruise ships. Monitoring their waste is part of a vision to be more sustainable as it helps them to divide the waste and lower the amount of waste that is brought to the dumping ground. In addition waste can be recycled and repurposed more effectively which adds to sustainability.

What has become blatantly clear for us is that to make progress, we need to ensure that we can measure, and understand our impact. Once we can measure, only then can we manage!

Monitoring waste

Although Uniworld has monitored its waste over the past few years in MXSuite, Mastex Software can help to improve the whole process by providing an application that measures the amount of waste. The data is put into MXSuite, which then gives an overview of the amount of waste per voyage separated per waste type. In MXSuite all the data is saved and can be presented in such a way that it is easy to track.

Uniworld cruise ships in Amsterdam

Weighing waste

Screenshot weight software tool

In trying to make the processes surrounding waste even better Uniworld has started a test on the River Duchess with weighing waste. Mastex Software has helped in this by writing an application that is connected to an industrial scale and saves the measured value in MXSuite. Before depositing the waste in port the waste is first weighed on this scale. When waste is put on the scale the application asks the user with the help of icons what kind of waste is being put on the scale. The icons make sure that the application is easy to use. As soon as the user has saved the kind of waste the weighed amount is saved into MXSuite and automatically linked to the correct voyage. The scale and application make the whole process surrounding waste a lot simpler and at the same time it gives cruise ships the opportunity to be more sustainable.

Thus, because of an online dashboard, Uniworld now has a real-time insight in the waste stream on board of the River Duchess. The waste stream is not only managed more effectively but cruise ships can actively contribute to a better environment!

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