Dashboard Portfolio

We collected some examples of what you can do with our dashboard tool. The images here below are here to help to configure your own dashboard.

Examples of realized MXSuite dashboards

Here you can find dashboard examples we already created for MXSuite.

Maintenance performance indicator 1

  • Vessel name
  • Number of on time tasks
  • Number of due tasks
  • Number of over due tasks
  • Total number of tasks
  • Visual indication of ratio
  • Number of defects
  • Number of critical defects
  • Number of docking tasks


Maintenance performance indicator 2

Corrective vs planned tasks completed per year


Maintenance performance indicator 3

Corrective and Planned tasks completed per day


Maintenance performance indicator 4

Counters actual value


Maintenance performance indicator 5

Tasks actual value


Maintenance performance indicator 6

Shows how many parts are on-time, due, or overdue.


Certificates status indicator 1

Shows how many certificates are on-time, due, or overdue.


Safety status indicator 1

Shows how many drills, or trainings are on-time, due, or overdue.


Purchase status indicator 1

Shows how many orders need to be attended.


Purchase status indicator 2

Shows the number of orders per status.


Currency oveview

Shows other currencies and their exchange rate.


Expired documents of contacts

Now it is possible to keep track of the expiry dates of your written agreements.
See your over due documents, comments in relation to your business contact.

Expected parts related to tasks &
Upcoming tasks with their related parts

Management is all about planning ahead. These report let you plan ahead the need of your spare parts. Now you know when and how many parts you need.
#121192 & #121194 

Synchronisation consumption in MB

This dashboard shows how much data you consume over the selected time for the selected vessel.


Examples of realized Dashboards

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