Setting up user rights

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Different level of rights

In general MXSuite is build around different levels of user rights.

  1. First of all we consider the administrative level. This is to configure how the software works:
    • setting up user rights,
    • configuring the purchase flow
    • company settings
    • default settings
  2. The second level is the Fleet management level
    • Determine categories (assets, certificates, safety, documents)
    • Create your counters
    • Setup your task groups
  3. User level
    • sign off tasks
    • update stock levels
    • fill in forms
    • certificate endorsements

Beside these levels there is also the option to determine rights per group and / or individually.

User groups

The best way to setup the rights is to join your actual way of working. You might already have superintendents who are responsible for certain jobs. Therefore we recommend to make a generic user group for the superintendents which enables them to execute their job.

Beside the superintendents you can can create all sorts of groups, like ‘Captains’, ‘Engineers’ and more. Don’t make them to generic, like staff or crew. But try to avoid the other extreme.

Less is more!

Though it might sounds obvious it isn’t. I recommend only to show people what they really need to execute their job. All other information might be interesting, but will only distract them from their obligations. Many people do not fancy computer and administrative tasks. To make sure they will be accurate it is important that they consider your setup easy and comprehensive.

Although it might look that user groups need the same rights as ranks, this is not necessarily true. User groups can coincide with your ranks, but in its core meaning they reflect the company policy.

Individual rights

It is possible to setup individual rights, though personally I would be reluctant to use this option. If an individual needs more rights than his other colleagues, it might be worth to consider to create another user group like ‘security officer’. You can link an individual to various groups. You can link a first officer to his ‘first officer’ group and the ‘security officer’ group.


MXSuite requires that you link every individual to a specific location he, or she can login to. You can link people to more than one location so if they switch vessel are able to login to the other location of MXSuite.

When your office location is hosted by Mastex Software, every unique individual that can login to the office environment of MXSuite reflects the use of the hosted installation.

We have various user tiers: 1-3 users, 4-10 users and 11-25 users. If you require more users to connect to your office location, please contact us.

General rights

In general the rights are ‘create’, ‘edit’ and delete. The whole system is build around this concept. It is obvious that some specific functionality requires more than these three options. Let me share this example, the purchase module has the option for a maximum amount. The system administrator can determine to what process step it applies.

Further recommendations

I can imagine it is still daring to setup your user rights. Feel free to contact our support department for more in depth insights. We also recommend the tutorial replay.

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