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We all love our standard uniform way of working. But there might be a moment that you think: “I’d like to add something additional” This article explains how you could add a custom attribute in the Assets Tasks, or maintenance module.

Let me give you an example, Oil filter change. Of course you can simply change your filter every month, or every 250 running hours, without giving it a second thought. But wouldn’t it be great to have more information about the system? By gathering more specific information you will be able to see a trend, and you will be able to decide whether you would like increase, or decrease the interval of your filter change.

This is how its done

An ordinary form of signing looks like this. In the comment box is space to add a remark.

But how can you deduce a trend from a textual area?

What you probably would want is that the engineer fills in the system pressure before he changes the filter. MXSuite provides you an unique way of customizing the tasks by adding a custom attribute to a task.

Edit the task

Go to “edit task…”. A popup window will appear with all the default options for setting up a task. On top you will also find some tabs. Go to “extra”. Press the “New…” button.

Add the custom attribute

A new popup window will appear which you need to fill in. The image next to this will give an example how you could create your custom attribute.

Choose your custom attribute

In this case I want the pressure to be logt, therefore I need an custom attribute that works with digits. I can choose between integer, or double. I will choose double because I want to be able to log values with decimals.

Safe and close

Now safe and close the popup, then safe and close also the task details.

Check how it looks like by going to “complete” task. The popup “Task completed” will appear where you will find you custom attributes under the remarks and the task description.


Now your engineer will be forced to fill out the form and you will be able to retrieve all this data and even plot in a chart.

This is just a simple example how you can customize your maintenance tasks. If you’d like to know more about the custom attributes I recommend to read this article what explains all the types of custom attributes MXSuite offers.

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