High water levels in rivers and channels

Rijkswaterstaat waarschuwt voor hoge waterstand in Maas

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This week a lot of rain has fallen in Europe. Especially Germany, Belgium and the east of the Netherlands. A lot of inland shipping entrepreneurs will be happy to have high water levels. High water levels state for deeper draught, which equals more cargo can go upstream. Although there is also a downside, bridges and general infrastructure. The velocity needs to be reduced at some places to make sure the saturated dikes wont erode, or flush away.


Complaints to Opportunity

You can imagine that there is always something to complain. To high water levels, or to low water levels. At the other hand were some may find problems, others find challenges and opportunities. At Mastex Software we see this as an opportunity to help ship owners and skippers with better insight and combining available information. As a skipper you want to combine real time external information with real time internal information. With our dashboard you can setup views triggers of what is going on onboard and any public information available.

Realtime information

It is possible to combine information from various locations to one dashboard. For example, you can combine information from various internet pages to 1 dashboard and add information that is available in MXSuite. Information Technology only makes sense when you receive the right information at the right moment. Good information makes safer river cruising and more profitable shipping.

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Rijkswaterstaat waarschuwt voor hoge waterstand in Maas

High water levels in rivers and channels

This week a lot of rain has fallen in Europe. Especially Germany, Belgium and the east of the Netherlands. A lot of inland shipping entrepreneurs

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