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If anything has changed, it is the way of working. Many people worldwide work from home. We as Mastex now have the privilege of being invited to the dining table in Malaysia, the sofa in Belgium, then the wheelhouse in the Ukraine, the hammock in the Caribbean and an office in Australia. Yes, our friends “down under” are already back in their offices. We have also seen many pets and bedrooms, but we will not spend time on any gossip.

All these people have in common that they focus on MXSuite. Whether you work from home, on the road, or at your office, MXSuite ensures that you can view all data from the entire fleet.
Did you know that with MXSuite you can even send messages to each other?

The benefits of a central environment

The MXSuite office environment also makes it possible to synchronize data from board. You can compare ship data and centrally arrange purchasing. It is possible to keep track of the costs. Budget control, shift stocks, without a doubt the benefits are countless.

Home office

Now that being out of the office has almost become the new standard, many shipping companies have switched to our cloud solution.

Articles and bookshelves have already been written about the common reasons for moving to the cloud.
For many companies and governments, we host MXSuite on our special servers. With a nice term: Software as a Service, in short: SaaS. We ensure that the data is secure. We take care of the maintenance and updates of MXSuite. If you are often on the road and you have an internet connection at your disposal, it can certainly be an advantage to let us host your MXSuite.

However, this is not the case for everyone. If you are a lot on the road, but your internet connection is not that stable, we advise you to have a local installation on your computer, which, like the ships, synchronizes regularly and thus ensures that you are working with the correct data.

And the cost?

When we host MXSuite for you, we have to install it, which requires a MXSuite license. We also charge a paltry amount for the data storage. Finally, we charge a fee per user. So, whether it is interesting for your organization to migrate, is entirely depending on the number of users and your current IT environment.

In general, you could argue that the smaller the organization, the faster a hosted environment will be of interest to you

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can give you advice without any obligation.

The MXSuite dashboard

What has changed over the years? Do you have insight into the costs? What are the most important facts that will give you insight into the quality of your current machinery? How do you measure that?

We have developed a special dashboard especially for those users who would like to take more advantage of what is already available in MXSuite. In the dashboard you can visualize data, so that you can easily compare things. You get real-time insight into how your fleet is doing.

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