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mxsuite fleet management on the telstar

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Out of sight, out of mind? Not for Barry. The Technical Superintendent worked with our software for years until part of the Iskes fleet was taken over by another company, with other fleet management software. ‘That took some getting used to because MXSuite is so clear and flexible compared to the other software.’ Barry had been working with his previous employer for twelve years. ‘Most of that time I worked with MXSuite. At the time, we chose MXSuite because a shipping company we worked with was very positive about the software. What I like is that you can enter the information about the ships yourself. You can set it up entirely to your liking.’

Always up to date

The fleet used various MXSuite modules, including maintenance, purchasing, and certificates. One of the vessels that used our software was the Telstar, a revolutionary port tugboat with a 360-degree rotating propeller (thruster) at the front and rear of the boat. ‘Me, the captain, engineers, sailors on the tug, and also office employees, everyone uses the information in MXSuite. You can see which tasks need to be performed, get an automatic notification when it’s time for recurring maintenance or when certificates expire. I used it every day. To check if the maintenance was up to date, as well as ordering spare parts, for example.’

‘With the Purchase module you can keep an eye on the status of an order and whether it has already been delivered. Repeat orders are automatically prepared and even parts that you ordered in the past can easily be retrieved and reordered. You can adjust the whole order flow to your preferences and that’s exactly what we did. That is incredibly practical. Every company is different of course, with different requirements.’

Navigating quickly

‘The software is well structured and has a very clear design. Utilizing the symbols you can navigate easily and quickly. For example, when you order a part, you see a picture of the item. I didn’t grow up with computers, so it’s very pleasant that the software works so intuitively. The system provides an overview and peace of mind. Also, the close ties with Mastex were great. If I had a question, they responded very quickly. It’s just a great system to work with. The people you have direct contact with offer great support and will go out of their way to provide quick solutions.’

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