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Update the SQL Server in time and avoid problems  

Share This Post Do you know the famous saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”? Often, this is a good basic attitude. But sometimes, it is much smarter to take steps before there is a problem. This is especially true for your SQL Server. To avoid problems, it is

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Grafana dashboard integration

Last year we introduced the Grafana dashboard to MXSuite. Since that moment it has been an add-on to the whole MXSuite range. In order to give a more integrated feeling to MXSuite we have now integrated the dashboard to MXSuite. But this brings more great benefits than just an I-frame.

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Customizable views

When you are a regular user of MXSuite you will notice that we added a customization option of almost all screens in version 3.0. As reference you can check out the overview in the Assets Tasks, or in the MX Safety module. If you do not have administrative rights, it

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Photo gallery

One of the most remarkable new features of MXSuite 3.0 is the Photo gallery in the assets module. You can create a gallery per category or subcategory. The idea behind it is that you are able to use these pictures to communicate with your external peers. Let me give you

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Customization of Maintenance tasks

We all love our standard uniform way of working. But there might be a moment that you think: “I’d like to add something additional” This article explains how you could add a custom attribute in the Assets Tasks, or maintenance module. Let me give you an example, Oil filter change.

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Security and Password settings

Since the release of MXSuite version 3 it was more than obvious that something had to be done to make sure that your valuable MXSuite data would be well protected. It is possible to access MXSuite with any device from anywhere in the world. It is obvious you want your

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Building a maintenance database

When you start building your maintenance database it is important how you want to organize your equipment. Equipment is obviously scattered out all over the vessel. As Mastex Software we encounter all sorts of database structures. Some users split up their vessel in a lot of details, some prefer not.

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Microsoft stops free Windows 10 upgrade

As of 29 July 2016, Microsoft will no longer offer a free Windows 10 upgrade and will no longer send notifications for a free upgrade to the new operating system. From this date on, the upgrade will not be free. The upgrade notification will be withdrawn and removed from computers,

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