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One of our UK-based customers recently added an existing multi-functional work and accommodation barge to their fleet of vessels. Adding a barge to the fleet is one thing, integrating all systems is another thing. For such challenges, Mastex Software is happy to assist to convert the database of the current PMS system to MXSuite.

Luckily this customer uses a strong fleet management system. So adding an additional vessel to the fleet is no rocket science. However, the barge was using the basic Marad planned maintenance system.

Change of software

The current software onboard could not handle all functionality that the customer requires from the software. Therefore the logic step was also to include this barge to MXSuite, next to the existing vessels. That also makes management easier. The current software was only used to manage the planned maintenance. With MXSuite, next to the planned maintenance, also certificate management will be done within the software as well as safety operations and QHSE stuff.

Together with the IT analyst of the customer, a MXSuite consultant of Mastex Software copied the entire database from the computer onboard and started investigating the data to prepare the conversion of the data.

In just a few working hours, the entire operation was completed. From getting the data from the barge, extracting the data from the database, and converting it into the MXSuite format: another smooth PMS database conversion succeeded on time!

“Amazing thank you for this, much appreciated!”

— Richard.

We wish this customer together with the crew of the multi-functional work and accommodation barge fair winds and following seas.

Edited January 2023: due to privacy reasons, the name of the customer is not mentioned in this post.

A work and accommodation barge.

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