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Posidonia 2022 a great success!

We look back at a great experience being at Posidonia 2022 in Athens! Posidonia established itself as one of the major international shipping exhibitions, with thousands of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors active in all sectors of Maritime work. The industry is moving, now that this event could finally take

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Meet our colleagues in Romania!

Did you know we have an office in Romania? What was ordinary before can now almost be called extraordinary. In early 2020, COVID-19 broke out in Europe, making regular visits to our office in Romania impossible. Now, 9 months after my last visit, I could finally meet my colleagues again.

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After hours: drone videos of impressive vessels

While most people rather sleep in, or later in the day, get back home as soon as possible to make dinner, we always find our CEO Peter van Driel catching a vessel moving into a sunrise or sunset. Admiring a stunning golden horizon and impressive tonnages of (cargo) vessels, trying to capture all the grandeur with his drones. Now that’s passion for maritime! For example one of the world’s largest vessels, the Danish Container Ship Matz Maersk passing Hansweert at Western Scheldt in March 2022.

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Why we love what we do

Recently we visited the Cathma and the Cathy Jo, two impressive cargo vessels of Corrib Shipping. Currently we are visiting all the vessels of this shipping company to update them to our newest cloud based version of our fleet management software. 

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You can’t copy passion

At Mastex we like to do things our way to surprise and delight our customers. We care about the people that are out there on the sea, and their colleagues guiding them from the shore. You see that in everything we do, from great software to the way we communicate

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MXSuite Crewing aboard the clipper Stad Amsterdam

Recently we had the pleasure of visiting one of our MXSuite users, the impressive clipper Stad Amsterdam (City Amsterdam). The vessel, featuring a crew of 30, is 76 meters long with 31 sails and a total area of 2200 m2. It was docked right next to the National Maritime Museum

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High water levels in rivers and channels

This week a lot of rain has fallen in Europe. Especially Germany, Belgium and the east of the Netherlands. A lot of inland shipping entrepreneurs will be happy to have high water levels. High water levels state for deeper draught, which equals more cargo can go upstream. Although there is

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Keep innovating …

In order to remain interesting for your existing relationships and for new potentials, you know better than anyone that it is important to renew while continuity is guaranteed . This of course sounds very nice in theory, but the practice is often very unruly . We all know we have

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Where is your office

If anything has changed, it is the way of working. Many people worldwide work from home. We as Mastex now have the privilege of being invited to the dining table in Malaysia, the sofa in Belgium, then the wheelhouse in the Ukraine, the hammock in the Caribbean and an office

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