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New Crewing module now also available in MXSuite version 3

A large number of our customers already have version 3 of MXSuite, the latest version of the software application that the Mastex Software team has worked on with great dedication. Recently, the renewed Crewing module has also been added to MXSuite version 3. Various screens have been redesigned and have

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Digitization is a key factor for shipping companies to operate more efficiently

Share This Post Digitization has been a driving force for change for decades, including in the maritime industry. The world in which shipping companies and shipowners operate has become increasingly complex. To remain competitive, daily requirements must be met, such as meeting customer demands, adapting to constantly changing regulations, addressing

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ISM code Implementation

Share This Post Now over twenty years it is required to have an ISM on board. The ISM code stands for “The International Safety Management (ISM) Code”. According to the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) the purpose of the ISM Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management

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Customization of Maintenance tasks

We all love our standard uniform way of working. But there might be a moment that you think: “I’d like to add something additional” This article explains how you could add a custom attribute in the Assets Tasks, or maintenance module. Let me give you an example, Oil filter change.

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Preparation to implementation

Introduction Your company will start in the near future with the implementation of MXSuite fleet managementsoftware. With this article you can prepare yourself for this implementation process.Together we will take care that MXSuite suits to your needs and wishes and all necessary data isimported and the users are well trained

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Reliable document control with MXSuite

Managing documents is a challenging job. Lots of documents are present at the office, but should also be visible on board of the ships. The MXSuite Documents module offers the unique solution, whereby certainty becomes insightful. What is the purpose of the document module? The document module can be applied

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How MXSuite offers GDPR security ánd user friendliness

Just a few more weeks and the new General Data Protection Regulation will be enforceable. From the 25th of May 2018 all recorded personal data must be in accordance with this new privacy legislation. Throughout the European Union, the same rules will apply regarding data storing. Important features of this

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What is fleet management software?

The term fleet management is used in several markets. A comparable term that is often used, is asset management, so the management of the assets, those objects of value. This can be a ship in the maritime sector, but do also not forget the crew members. More in detail, assets

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