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Share This Post MXSuite Version 3 was announced as ready to be installed in our customer base and Candler wanted to have the benefits of the new version. In order to do so the Mastex team traveled to Bremen to upgrade! Candler and Mastex First a little bit on the

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Waste measurement for Uniworld

Share This Post Recycling waste, tracking waste and monitoring how much waste you produce. It is something that many people have to think about daily and waste is also an interesting subject when it comes to cruise ships. Like every household or company cruise ships have to think about the

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Antarctic research vessel RSV Nuyina

The Antarctic research vessel Nuyina has been extensively covered in the press. This ship excels in complexity. Watch this short video and you will quickly get an idea of the ship. It is worthwhile to get an idea of what Mastex Software contributes to. The RSV Nuyina is the most

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Blue Amigo Chooses MXSuite

Blue Amigo chooses MXSuite Share This Post As of January 1, 2022, Blue Amigo will operate the Waterbus between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to have everything ready for this official moment. Blue Amigo is the passenger transport company over water via ferries and

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To prevent is better than to cure: network management at the Alexander B

‘If you spend more on coffee than on antivirus, the question of when you will be hacked is more relevant than whether you will be hacked.’ I recently encountered this quote and I do believe that’s true. In the information age of nowadays you can’t be too careful when it comes to your data and privacy. That’s why, among many of the services we provide, we also take care of network management and managed security control. Because nothing is as frustrating as having network issues on board, when it should be working!

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Welcome aboard SOMARA!

Tired of managing your fleet with Excel? That was exactly what SOMARA was thinking. With their 6 tugboats, multicat and barges they were looking for an easy to use fleet management system. Recently, I got to visit them for a week in Fort de France – Martinique to help set up MXSuite.

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Database conversion for UK-based customer

One of our UK-based customers recently added an existing multi-functional work and accommodation barge to their fleet of vessels. Adding a barge to the fleet is one thing, integrating all systems is another thing. For such challenges, Mastex Software is happy to assist to convert the database of the current

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Why we love what we do

Recently we visited the Cathma and the Cathy Jo, two impressive cargo vessels of Corrib Shipping. Currently we are visiting all the vessels of this shipping company to update them to our newest cloud based version of our fleet management software. 

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Customer experience on the Telstar

Out of sight, out of mind? Not for Barry. The Technical Superintendent worked with our software for years until part of the Iskes fleet was taken over by another company, with other fleet management software. ‘That took some getting used to because MXSuite is so clear and flexible compared to

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Training for Consolidated Fisheries Ltd

In the spring of 2021 we received an invitation to give a training to the Spanish crew from the CFL Hunter. This Fishing vessel is owned and managed from the Falkland Islands. The vessel was build near Vigo, Spain. The crew officials and engineers are native Spanyards. The training therefore

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