MXSuite fleet management software

MXSuite fleet management for Apple

In life, one question crops up again and again: why? Why do we do things the way we do them, why are we who we are? Why do we manage our vessels the way we do? Why not with convenient software? And why does that software only run on a Windows system? Like Simon Sinek said, what is the 'why' of our business? We keep asking ourselves that question.

Why did we launch MXSuite in 2009? Weren't there alternatives? Why then our software? That question is fairly easy to answer. It's in our genes. We want to help shipping companies and ship owners solve their daily challenges. And in order to do that, we use MXSuite as our fleet management software package. Why MXSuite? Simple. Ease of use. A concrete application that is applicable to all types of ships and shipping companies. One that immediately provides valuable insights into processes, where the expenses are, which elements require the most maintenance and much more.

Now also for Mac, tablet and phone

Why then, wasn't this software already easy to use on an Apple Macbook? At the launch of MXSuite, we opted for a Microsoft SQL server database. After all, Windows was the biggest player in the market. Of course, we also helped Apple users, through our SaaS solution. But now we're taking it a step further. With the arrival of the first modules of MXSuite version 3, our fleet management software is fully accessible to everyone, for Windows ánd Apple. From Macbook to tablet and phone, users have full access to the available modules in MXSuite 3 anytime and anywhere. The same Microsoft database, now even easier to use.

These developments boost our motivation to go even further. How can we help the maritime sector to improve and optimize even more? Why don't we make our software even better? We are constantly moving to provide the best fleet management software solution. You can rely on that.

Published: 2021-01-27 11:58:00